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Information security threats grow each day making it seem almost impossible for in house information security teams to continuously and cost-effectively monitor the Internet for indications of potential business and cyber risk. Your organization might not have the budget or staff to integrate the capabilities required for a holistic view of cyber threat intelligence.
Graylock Defense's Security-as-a-Service offerings combine our managed services & utilize advanced threat scoring and round-the-clock machine automation assisted vetting to deliver timely, relevant, and actionable threat intelligence across the entire spectrum of risks facing your online connected infrastructure.

  • Business Cybersecurity Consulting

    Our consultants can help you realize an improved security posture for less money, while increasing the effectiveness of security teams already in place.

  • Penetration Testing

    Our security experts provide an in-depth assessment of your website, or web application, to identify and provide remediation for known attack vectors.

  • Web and Mobile Vulnerability Assessment

    We conduct a rigorous assessment that will help protect your brand without a public bug bounty. You’ll pay a lot less & prevent exposing your brand to a massive amount of other hackers.

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