Traditional Protection Is No Longer Enough

In a digital world time is not on your side. We must be able to detect potential vulnerabilities & threats in hours, rather than months.

1 in 3

Odds Your Organization Will Be Breached

197 Days

Average Time To Detect A Breach

$3.9 Million

Average Cost Of A Breach


Average Fine Cost Per Stolen Or Lost Record 

"What is Penetration Testing?

Secure and robust internal and external network infrastructure is fundamental to your business’ cybersecurity. Given the financial costs of suffering a breach, it is essential to perform regular internal and external penetration testing to assess the resilience of your IT environment and identify and eliminate vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Graylock's team have extensive network penetration testing experience, helping organizations to identify vulnerabilities across wired, wireless and cloud networks as well as firewalls, system hosts, and devices such as routers and switches.."

Travis Yeargan Founder of Graylock Defense

Penetration testing comes in several forms and our service will be tailored to your business, as well as your security priorities. 
Our services include:

Mobile Application Testing

Web Application Testing

Infrastructure Testing - External & Internal

Desktop Application Testing & Reverse Engineering

IOT / Product Testing

Source Code Review

Industrial Control System (ICS) Testing

Wireless Testing

Cloud Security Testing

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) & Data Discovery


Penetration testing is an in-depth investigation into specific networks, web and mobile applications, infrastructure or connected devices. Our services are delivered by experienced Security Consultants and are designed to simulate the actions of a malicious threat actor, uncovering and classifying vulnerabilities which could ultimately be used to exploit or damage your business. 


Companies rely heavily on their digital assets, whether that be web applications, infrastructure, third-party software or connected devices. These need to be tested on a regular basis and if they were to be breached, it could result in reputation and financial damage to your organisation. 


Whether you’re buying third-party software, or developing your own solutions, ensuring its security is essential for both your organisation and your customers. Our penetration testing services can help provide these security assurances during development, or as part of any procurement process. 


Penetration testing allows you to identify and classify your most critical vulnerabilities, providing you with vital remediation advice. This gives you the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your security and effectively prioritize your ongoing improvement efforts. 


Obtaining budget for cyber security improvement can be difficult, especially when you don’t have a clear picture of the issues your organisation faces or your vulnerabilities. Our penetration testing can give you this picture, providing you with the support you need to gain security buy-in.   


Persistent attackers will use a variety of techniques to achieve their goal. Our penetration test engagements simulate this threat and will look to exploit your organisation, within the set scope, to fully test your defenses and provide a realistic description of timescales that might be involved in a real-world attack. 


What are your company’s most important assets, the things you couldn’t operate without? It could be your billing website, maybe it’s your customer database or even financial information. Whatever it is, it needs protecting and our penetration testing services can provide you with the security assurances you need. 

Global cybercrime is predicted to reach more than $2.1 trillion in 2020, malicious hackers do not take days off. Graylock Defense, a leading consultant of cybersecurity as a service solutions specializing in Vulnerability & Risk Analysis, Vulnerability Management, & Penetration Testing, proudly announces the release of D-FENS1, Machine Learning Assisted Vulnerability Monitoring & Security Operations Center, making end to end, expert-level cybersecurity operations a luxury that everyone can afford. D-FENS1 performs complex vulnerability analysis and adversary attack emulation, alerting our team of security risks and highlighting relevant and critical security incidents for our clients, enabling emergency response, managed by us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.