Let Us Introduce You To The D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield& What It Can Do For Your Business.

D-FENS1 is our automated system powered by machine learning technology, designed to find vulnerabilities in any website or business who has assets connected to the Internet.

"It's time to detect, react and protect your network from preventable security issues with Graylock's D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield service."

-Travis Yeargan, Founder of Graylock

What is the D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield?

The experts at Graylock Defense created their flagship product D-FENS1 to perform continuous vulnerability analysis on a regular basis to minimize your exposure of business data risk.
Much like a person uses a fitness tracker to monitor personal health, continuous security testing can be used to show where a business gained mass (growth of attack surface), identify whether the Infrastructure is in poor health (vulnerabilities increasing in specific areas) or pinpoint signs of compromise or security breach.





How can you benefit from theD-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield?

Cyber Criminals are constantly looking for exposed attack surfaces (Your Infrastructure such as website, routers, firewalls, ETC...) to find entry points that can lead to costly data breaches. 
Continuous vulnerability analysis is being employed by organizations to approach security testing like determined attackers with time on their side. In these tests, Graylock Defense experts use proprietary custom servers, monitoring, and techniques to identify attack surface weakness, vulnerabilities that can be leveraged to compromise the network and provide detailed results to demonstrate business impact.
The process begins the moment you engage with Graylock Defense as a trusted adviser regarding your cybersecurity. 
These ongoing assessments include manual crawls and machine learning aided reconnaissance of a network or application and ongoing vulnerability scans and manual verification of findings assisted by our "artificial intelligence" system & threat analysis database. 
Graylock Defense provides detailed reporting of all security issues discovered and comprehensive remediation recommendations.

"During our project, Graylock was extremely adaptable to the majority of changes that happened, while staying focused and efficient. Additionally, Graylock had a good understanding of our business processes and technology environment, which has offered us the added benefit of not disrupting our own staff during the integration."

A. Peterson, Director at [REDACTED] Food Co.

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