Extend your cybersecurity defenses beyond your walls with our bespoke cybersecurity services including our machine learning assisted D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield.

With Machine Learning D-FENS1 Detects Vulnerabilities That Others Cannot, Where's Your Vulnerable Blind Spot?

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We have security notifications for the latest vulnerabilities, malware alerts, and other cybersecurity information built into our app.

Solutions for the Security Conscious

Business CybersecurityWe deliver accurate prevention, detection, and risk measuring capabilities, including Network, Endpoint, and Vulnerability management solutions under one platform D-FENS1.
Graylock ConsultingGraylock responds to critical breaches worldwide and provides cybersecurity consulting services to protect against cybersecurity threats.
Home Cyber DefenseApplies front-line knowledge of the attacker and proven hunting methodologies to detect and help you defend your home network from vulnerabilities.
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Our D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield

Keeping businesses aware of their vulnerabilities & finding possible data breaches is a concept woven into every aspect of D-FENS1's design.
 Our goal was to create something that users wouldn't have to worry about using at all, we manage it in our Security Operations Center.
One problem is that many businesses don’t have cybersecurity vulnerability monitoring services. Through our research, we've learned that people find cybersecurity products too complicated and unpredictable to use.
D-FENS1 is an ever evolving Security As a Service system that changes with the growing threat landscape and an excellent example of our commitment to making cybersecurity (vulnerability management & analysis) easy to obtain and put into action in any online connected business today.
This service will transform your experience of having insight into the health of your Internet facing infrastructure and websites, making it as easy an email or phone call with us every other week to learn about the health and risk factors of your business and professional partners you conduct business with.

Our Mission

Graylock Defense is innovating the global cybersecurity services space, and we are dedicated exclusively to vulnerability analysis and the management of cybersecurity risks.

We're not afraid to admit we do do things a little bit different than the others. As cliche as this may sound, your engagement with us will be different, because:
All we do is cybersecurity, all day, every single day. We don't sell websites, SEO, or insurance.
We don't sell software and it doesn’t matter what you already have, we're going to make it all more secure.
We have all answered to audit committees, board members and CEOs, we understand the politics, economics and headaches of cybersecurity.
We are aware of inadequate or inappropriate cybersecurity service providers, we assume that you have been burned in the past.
Let us redefine managed cybersecurity services for you.


We believe that our cybersecurity solutions must be proactive. Your assets, threats, and vulnerabilities change every day, so must your defenses.


We believe that the only way to build a foundation of cybersecurity is through an effective risk management program. Guessing is no longer an option, we remain vigilant for our clients.


You have been, will be and probably are currently compromised. You must operate from this assumption if you have any chance of defeating your adversaries.

Graylock Defense Helps Your IT Staff Secure More With Less Effort

No Finger Pointing

Disruptive all-in-one approach to managed information security complexity with a single support chain.

Less Management

Our team of machine learning servers can reduce false positives and investigate potential issues, while clever use of proprietary automation applications makes regular assessments possible.

Additional Flexibility

Where web applications are detected, we check that there are no application-layer vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, or Cross-Site Scripting in the unauthenticated areas.

More Uptime

We check that none of your infrastructure or services have been configured in a way which reduces their security,
such as default credentials, or weak encryption.

More Confidence

We identify network devices, operating systems, desktop applications, web applications, cloud services, databases, and make sure they are not missing security patches which could leave you exposed.


Employee Efficiency 

Free up staffing time to allow you to manage your "human" resources more efficiently by focusing employee attention and business resources where needed.

We Have Partnered With Brave Web Browser, Download here.

Brave & Graylock Partners in web privacy.

We have been very impressed by the quality of Graylock's engagement, communication and reporting. We will not hesitate to use them for any future cybersecurity testing requirements.

 Director Of Operations

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